Hi my name is Topher and I
know very little

Ball Rolling

That was a fun few hours. Making the outline of this site I really felt like I learnt a lot. All those days of shifting lorem ipsum around with CSS has paid off. This is how the site looked initially...

And that is how it would still look now if you take the CSS away. So what happened...

  • - I reset the site wide CSS. Using a snippet from this site.
  • - Found a nice color palette on colorhunter.
  • - Then I got carried away

I am really happy with the big orange header. I thought about putting an image there instead but there is something nice about a clean full screen banner which just isn't seen very often on the web. The grey stripe was a complete accident while I was messing around with borders.

CSS can be a fun creative tool once you get the basics down. Experimentation is key! Soon I will start to style my friends sites. Once I got my email on here drop me a message if you want to collaborate on your site

It's getting late now. Tomorrow I will start to tackle the "About Me" section

First Post

I have never really got into tweeting, blogging, vloging or any other form of output online. I've updated my soundcloud a few times and snapped a few pictures on Instagram, but I am unable to keep up a stream of social or creative media.

Why is this?

I am a lurker.
I upvote, like, star and judge online content from afar. I love my smartphone but I rarely use it well. It's difficult to get it out and post a status about what is currently happening in my life, sidestepping the minefield between the humblebrag and the whinge while trying to drink my pint or write some code. This is aggravating! I quite like small-talk, big-talk, banter and discussion. More of our civilisation's dialogue is on the internet and my voice is not escaping through my keyboard like everybody elses.

Technology is fantastic! I am learning computer science and programming through the internet and I have always been my family's and friends tech support. So it's surprising that I don't express myself online. This has to change. I will make this space myself, from scratch and completely openly. Learning to write better HTML, CSS and JavaScript as I go.

Wish me luck.